We begun our business with the purpose of providing logistic support to the fisheries
and the aquaculture sector. With our staffs experts and support form well known
international aquaculture companies are able to serve the Turkish aquaculture sector
as a leading logistics company. Due to our commitment to continuous change and
development we have added new targets to our already existing targets. Our product
range service, products manufactured under our competitive power. Our export of
equipment which began at first to leading countries in the European aquaculture sector
such as Greece and France, has now been to increased to include all the Mediterranean
and European countries.
We are fully aware of our responsibility to this sector and the environment. If you require
further information we will be only too happy to oblige and answer your questions.
You are safe with us...

Akuamaks - Fisheries, Aquaculture
address: Rabat Sokak 22/6 G.O.P. - 06700 ANKARA - TURKEY
phone: +90 312 448 09 71 - 448 10 41 - fax: +90 312 448 07 81
email: info@akuamaks.com
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